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Совершенно прекрасное интервью Тома Хиддлстона NY Magazine про Тора, Локи, 75 куриц и протеин.

I know he's supposed to be the bad guy, but I'll be honest with you: I kind of understood where Loki was coming from most of the time.
I am pleased to hear you say that. You know, I think that in the mind of every villain is a misunderstood hero, and that was the angle that Kenneth Branagh and I always wanted to take with Loki. He is super intelligent, and he's a shape shifter with a chess master's kind of strategizing, because he can see ten steps ahead of everyone else. We wanted to root his issues as a bad guy with the sort of psychological complexity we discovered in the comic and the Norse sagas. Thor is the elder brother and Loki is jealous of the favor bestowed on him by Odin, and I think Loki's very confused and conflicted about what his place is in the family.


Ну и вопрос вам, посмотревшие:

Poll #1737844 THOR: the movie

В фильме "Тор" я...

team Тор
team Локи
team "не заворачивайте никого"
team "а я сейчас выпендрюсь в комментариях"

КДПВ: Братеги!!!
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