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пеара псто

Сара Риз Бреннан (да, да, авторша богического-почему-вы-еще-не-читаете "Лексикона Демона") смотрит "Вампирские дневники" и комментирует в жежешечке. Это, конечно, сплошная истерика.

STEFAN: How about I tackle you through a window?
DAMON: How about I mock you and steal your ring, the only thing that protects you from certain death by sunlight?
STEFAN: Why can't I have nice things?
DAMON: Because I live only to torment you. Nobody is safe. I am death who walks the night. Here is your ring back right away, I'm not even going to pretend to keep it from you, stay safe my precious baby brother. There is not one ounce of feeling in my murderous heart! Smoke, mirrors! Mirrors, smoke! Many strange facial expressions! Several hand gestures! What did you get from this interaction?
STEFAN: ... You are evil incarnate?
DAMON: Excellent.

STEFAN: Damon, what are you doing here?
DAMON: Invading your personal space?
STEFAN: More generally than that.
DAMON: I'm doing evil!
STEFAN: Less generally than that.

и все такое жу - см. http://sarahtales.livejournal.com/171425.html
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