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MAC Venomous Villains

ААААА, девочки!!!

MAC Cosmetics is teaming up with Disney to create a limited edition color collection, intended to launch globally in late September in all MAC locations. The products will feature four Disney characters, on which the brand is keeping mum at the moment — although with a collection name of Venomous Villains, it is assumed that we’re not talking Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse here. Lipstick, powder, lip gloss and blush shades will be sold, ranging in price from $12 to $29.50.


Мне страшно интересно узнать, кто там будет - Урсула? Малефисент? Круэлла? Королева Червей? АААААА!!!!
Ну и торжественно обещаю скупить по максимуму ))))
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