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Reason #562 we love James Purefoy

Совершенно богическая онлайн-конференция с Джеймсом Пьюфоем (который наше все, и кто этого не понимает - тот сам, простите, дурак) на сайте Empire.

jamster_473: Were there any nerves going into your full frontal scene in Rome?
First time I ever went on stage, when I was 17, I was doing the play Equus in a converted barn during a blizzard. In Norfolk. The wind whistled down the corridor off-stage. I am ashamed to say I had to perk the gentlemen up with a handy hairdryer as I appeared to be hung like a raisin. So doing the Mark Antony scene in 90 degree heat in Rome didn't present quite so many of the same problems.

king's boy: Is there any genre of film you intend to stay well away from for as long as you're acting?
I think probably I'll be steering clear of snuff movies. Short career span.

Дорогой Джеймс!!!! *drools all over*
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