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101 reasons why lord Voldemort sucks as a baddie

Послушайте, какая прелесть сообществоbookfails, почему мне раньше о нем не рассказали.

Вот, к примеру, деконструкция Вольдеморта оттуда (или почему Вольдеморт как злодей - удивительный фейл):
So, Lord Voldemort: Dark wizard, genocidal maniac, soul splitting psychopath. "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named". Arguably the most feared person in the wizarding world. Disregarding his history of muggle torture and obligatory murders, let's discuss this man's life as a villian.

In the first book it is established that Voldemort is defeated by a one-year-old. I'm not listing this as "fail" I just wanted to point it out. Some might think that you have to fail pretty hard for an infant to kick your ass (and, yes, you do) but I'm considering this "premise" rather than "fail". Still, it doesn't do much for him in the soul-chilling-evil department.

Дальше по ссылке - http://community.livejournal.com/bookfails/133791.html

По-моему, этро прекрасно. :) И там вообще много всего прекрасного )
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