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You're just too good to be true

И еще кусочек еще одного интервью Рейнольдса, где он опять говорит о Дэдпуле - и о проекте, и о герое.

And by "authenticity," I don't mean that you'd want to make him somebody that you'd have a Starbucks coffee with, I mean that you want to make him as close to the comics as possible.
But I'm really happy, in these early talks, that the studio is as obsessed with making it as close to the comic book source material as possible. And that's all I really needed to hear. Cuz I will husk-f*@k a herd of cattle to bring Wade Wilson to life as the real deal.
Without saying too much, I can't imagine that there's gonna be any tie-in to the Wolverine movie at all.
I would like to make him self-aware; I'd like to have a bit of a pop-culture air going on throughout the film. I mean, the greatest villain in a Deadpool comic is Deadpool.
And I have ideas for it that I think are right in tune with the tone of that character. I'm dying to see them on film. Literally, dying
I have two dramas – one in the summer, one in the fall – and then, hopefully, after that, we'll get to tackle this crimson f*@ker.


Если все будет так, как говорит Рейнольдс, то я даже не могу предстваить, насколько богическим получится кино. Хлтя я б, конечно, попила с Пулом кофе )))
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