May 1st, 2012


я честно два года берегла на всякий случай

"Well, if life's a joke," said Cosca, "it's a black one."
"Best not to laugh, then, in case the joke's on you."
"Or trim your sense of humour to match."

-- Joe Abercrombie, "Best Served Cold"

читаю мееееедленно, пищу на каждой странице, люблю Джо с каждой страницей все больше и больше (хотя куда уж),
а все просто потому, что от книг Джо (в отличие от многих авторов) остается впечатление, что он героев и не мучает просто так (хотя казалось бы), и вообще любит.
Heaven & Hell

девочки любят трикстеров

Это прекрасно, из интервью с Хиддлзом, про "Глубокое синее море"

I just saw The Deep Blue Sea, and you were marvelous in that…

Thank you very much.

I interviewed Terence Davies and he said that you were the only person who brought up the shark movie.

[Laughs] Well, it’s because, at the end of the shoot for this [The Avengers], I was with Sam Jackson. We had a sort of dinner in New York. And I sat next to him, and he said, “What are you doing next?” I said, “I’m going to Toronto, because there’s a world premiere of this thing I did called The Deep Blue Sea.” And he went [Samuel L. Jackson impersonation], “Deep Blue Sea?! I was in the f*cking Deep Blue Sea.” So I told Terence this just before we went on stage for our Q&A and he loved it.

Но на самом деле в этом интервью, конечно, важнее то, что он рассказывает, что было с Локи между фильмами (обнять и плакать, да)

We talked about this idea that Loki disappears through that wormhole of space and time, when the Bifrost is destroyed, and he kind of goes through the Seventh Circle of Hell. And he’s on his own. He’s on his own in the dark corners of the universe, and the journey he goes on is pretty horrible. It’s like getting lost in the rainforest or something. You’re going to come out the other side a bit mangled on the outside, and on the inside. And he’s made this deal with [REDACTED] and the Chitauri… [...] So I think he makes a deal… and he’s being played too, by them. But I just think it’s interesting, actually, because we’re more interested in what that does to him as a character, because it gives us a justification for his increased menace. […] He’s much darker, and more scarred.

Не, ну обнять, рыдать, надеяться [как и Том] на Тора 2 в отношении того, что там ему лучше будет.