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В рамках программы "больше Фасси в нашей жизни"

1381780422512_michael-fassbender-gq-magazine-november-2013-style-02 1381780422528_michael-fassbender-gq-magazine-november-2013-style-08

Fassbender walks in. He's in bright green Adidas track pants and a black T-shirt, hair sticking up everywhere, eyes bleary and barely open. He looks as if someone rolled his body the thirty miles out from Montreal and he woke up on mile twenty-nine. It's hard to tell if he's badly hungover or just rakish. He greets McAvoy with a fraternal hug, shakes my hand. "Bloody traffic," he says cheerfully.

О том, что у него очень... как бы сказать... не слишком светлые персонажи в основном, и это, наверное, неспроста:

"Let me put it to you this way, right? A lot of comedians are dark personalities, but they're making people laugh. So, you know, it can flip the other way. People that are playing dark roles can actually be quite light. It doesn't necessarily go hand in hand. I think sometimes maybe people that are lighter can access that darkness easier, whereas people that are dark don't like to access it."
Right. It's too close.
"Yeah, it's too close. It's too much maybe part of them that they don't want to reveal. I know that I've got darkness, but for the most part I try and smile as much as I can, you know? I mean, David Cronenberg said it annoyed him that I used to come to work happy all the time."

О всяких оскаровских кампаниях и прочей гонке за призами:

"It's just a grind. And I'm not a politician. I'm an actor."


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